Nudity isn't the total answer.

So what do we share amongst the members of this club? Amongst all of us, only one thing: nudism.

We have fanatics here I'm sure, people who spend the majority of their spare time writing and signing petitions, submitting letters to newspapers supporting naturist causes, putting articles and blogs on the web, and turning up for anything where they can go naked in public. Nothing wrong with that, I sometimes wish I had their enthusiasm.

Then we have the people who join naturist groups and just glance at them a couple of times a week when they remember. Doesn't mean that they don't wear nothing most of the time, and don't go off on naturist holidays, it just means they are interested in other things too.

So, when we get messages from people on naturist sites, and we've chatted about our relative experiences, we get on to other subjects.

I have absolutely no doubt that the vast majority of us have met the people who go from nudity to sex the moment you ask "so what other interests do you have?", and that does not always mean you're not going to carry on the conversation, does it? But when thats all they want to discuss it can become a little boring.

In the same way a person who responds with a deep and abiding longing for a mid-seventies punk band and won't talk about anything else is unlikely to find someone willing to share their interest.

So the more things we do outside nudism, the more we can share. The person who you talk to who you then discover a shared passion for George Lucas films, or opera, or manga, or the Medieval Baebes, will be the person you turn to more than the person who just talks about their nudity.

Even then you need that click, the spark that turns to a flame to make you really connect. The more you chat, the more you get to know the other person, the more you want to meet and be the sociable animals that mankind can be. And if you can do it naked, so much the better.

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  • Al McAldy
    Al McAldy Nicely said. I've been thinking about such things for a while. The Groups on NC are great for tuning into what other members are into outside - or along side - nudism. Then you have TWO things in common from the outset. Combining interests is the most fun.
    April 2, 2013