naturism and me

Naturism to me two things, equality and freedom.

Equality:- For example if you take 100 people and put them in a room with the clothes that mark out their profession, you would instantly know if there was say a policeman, a barister, a shop worker and the lowly traffic warden in the corner all on their own. Take those same hundred people and put them in a room with nothing on and you would not know who does what and you would all be the same.This is equality.

To enjoy freedom a true naturist has to be free of all ties to society, so too many cannot really enjoy a naturist lifestyle. We are all bound by the great unwashed gods of the banking system.The ones that can truly enjoy naturism are those free from mortgage etc and have the time to do what they want, when they want, unlike most that can only partake part-time because they have to do things like work, etc.

I will only be a true naturist when i have both

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