Freedom, with Frustration added

For several years I had been developing a preference for being nude, mostly in the house.   On a few rare occasions I was able to be nude in the outdoors, which I really enjoyed.  A couple trips to a very isolated cabin in the woods and one locale in state park that was rarely used.  Those rare opportunities for tanning nude were marvelous.

Then in late 2011 came the un-expected demand for a no-fault divorce.  By the end of the year I was single.
A 64 year old male, suddenly alone, after 36 years of marriage.

In mid-June came an email from California with just a date and a hyperlink, no explanation at all.  Yet knowing who sent it, I had the instant suspicion that it was an “I dare you” type of thing.

So I clicked the link and was taken to a website page.  On the page, next to the date in the email was “Open House”.
It was for an Open House on August 4, 2012, at a place called “Paradise Gardens” near Cincinnati, Ohio.  With a click,
the “Home” page revealed it was a “Nudist Park”.  No question about it, a challenge had been issued to me.

With a bit of trepidation I clicked on the “info” link and a series of emails were exchanged.  The “day use” fee was waived for the noon-6 time frame. I should go to the office first to register and show ID.  Nudity was NOT optional.
I should call before leaving home and use the call button at the security gate.  Eventually, challenge ACCEPTED.

Well, the adjustment to seeing nude people and BEING SEEN NUDE by people took about 20 seconds.  By the time I got to the office to register, I was feeling quite at home and comfortable.  I took a solo walk-about of the main area to get my bearings and find where most important places were.  Found an open spot in the “common area”, set down my chair and established a “home point” from which to begin my adventure.

First observation, these people take their volleyball serious.  But, the drive had been three hours and it was hot out, so I headed for the pool.  A quick shower and then splash.  It was wonderfully wet and cooling.  Then came the shocking realization, I, an old man, was actually skinny dipping for the first time!  The 6 hours went by way too fast.

Back home, the search began.  But the AANR search yielded nothing within an hours drive.  Oh dear me.
Expanding the radius to two hours distance yielded a club in the Canton-Akron area, “Green Valley”.
Another “day trip” confirmed it, I was a “Naturist”.

Then came the frustration.  I realized I would be a Naturist, but mostly stranded at home, with no place reasonably close to travel to many times a year.  I can only hope that “some day” ………

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