Naturist's, Naturalist's and Nudist's

Naturist’s, Naturalist’s and Nudist’s.


To some the above terms are so confusing. Quite often I have had telephone calls for holidays and people asking for a naturalist holiday. I have to carefully enquire just what do they expect to see on their holiday.

Now naturist is the new word for the old word of nudist. People used to go on about nudist colonies which makes one think of leper colonies which I suppose some nudist’s or naturist’s could object to being called. Lepers like naturist’s and nudist’s are to some people the untouchable and should be shunned and not gone near.

Gone are the old fashioned nudist colonies, now there are multi million pound resorts with everything and more for naturist’s to enjoy. Of course there are the nudist or naturist camp sites with the obligatory mini ten, volley ball and petenque still being played in the nude.

The States still seem to use the word nudist more than the European name naturist. It can often be confused by some where nudist means being naked but having a bit more fun than a naturist. The famous Hedonism resort inJamaicais often called a nudist resort due to the sexy charged atmosphere all done in the best possible taste naturally.

Over inFrancethe resort Cap d Agde nicknamed the “NakedCity” caters for all with accommodation, bars, club restaurants and shops. On the beach it seems there are separate areas for naturist’s (families etc) Voyeurs and further up the beach in the dunes exhibitionist’s play where anything goes.


It all started with Greeks holding their Olympics in the nude many years ago. The Germans soon caught on and started the world wide craze of doing without clothes in many situations. The Scandinavians always have mixed saunas in the nude and wouldn’t dream of wearing clothes while have a bath.

There are many nude beaches inFranceandSpainand other European countries. While in the States going Nude is a big No No on most beaches that’s why so many yanks head south to the Caribbean islands such asJamaica, St Marten andMexico.Cubaagain is not very naturist friendly but does have an offshore island where nudity is prevalent.

Naturist, Nudist or just plain Nekid, its all about being happy in your own skin.

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