What Naturism means to me

For me, naturism has helped me to get over cancer.
Seventeen years ago I became the third generation of  my family to develope a particularly agressive type of breast cancer, my mother having died at age 51.
Following two lots of surgery within 4 weeks, ending with a radical mastectomy on one side, I then went onto medication for 5 years which in itself has created other problems which will last for the rest of my life.
Being a long term naturist, now over 50 years, I  was fortunate in not having any issues with body confidence so was able to move forward.
Approximately 18 months after surgery, finding that there was very little in the way of attractive, comfortable lingerie and swimwear for ladies in my situation, (thats of course when I have to wear it) , I got so frustrated, particularly when a young lady in a department store, when asked if they stocked mastectomy lingerie, eyed me up and down, then told me, no but she knew what I could wear and promptly offered me what I would call a blunderbus. On talking to my step-daughter, ( in fact I was hopping mad) we decided to do something about the situation.
After 9 months research and training as fitters, we set up a business, supplying and fitting lingerie and swimwear to ladies who had had surgery. My step-daughter still runs the business and also breast cancer clinics at hospitals. We have done talks on the subject all over the country and my life has been featured in magazines, newspapers and on tv.
Both my step-daughter and her husband are naturists as well and I´m sure that without the body confidence that naturism gives you, none of the above could have been achieved.
I hope by writting this article it may give some other lady the confidence to deal with breast cancer or other personal issues. 

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  • Nude and Smooth
    Nude and Smooth Fantastic Viv I take my hat off to you. (if I ever wore one that is!) seriously though Nudism inspires a whole different set of values and confidence.
    January 16, 2013 - 1 likes this
  • Terry M
    Terry M What an excellent article and beacon for what confidence in who you are and in your body image can do!
    January 18, 2013
  • ash chap
    ash chap lovley article viv you are im sure an insperation to many,hoe the company ,thrives for many years to come.
    August 2, 2013