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How to change the background image on your profile

  • September 8, 2012 10:39 PM BST

    If the image that you want to use is already in one of your albums then go to step 4.


    1. From the NC Home page, choose "Albums" from the left menu.

    2. Choose "Add New Photos".

    3. Follow the instructions for uploading your photo.


    4. Go to the album where the image is that you want to use as your background image.

    5. Click on the image that you want to use.

    6. Right-click on the image and choose the correct option (see A, below) to copy the url of the image to the clipboard. Paste the url somewhere safe, like in a new tab/window or Notepad.

    7. From the "Account" menu (top-right) choose "Edit My Profile".

    8. Choose "Profile Style". You should then see a rectangular text box that you can type in.

    9. Copy the CSS text (see B, below) and paste it into the text box.

    10. Replace the text url_of_my_image with the url that you got from step 6.

    11. Choose "Save Styles".


    A. The option for copying the url of the image depends on which browser you are using:-

    Google Chrome - Copy Image URL

    Firefox - Copy Image Location

    Safari/Opera - Copy Image Address

    Internet Explorer - Propertes (then copy the Address (URL))


    B. Here is the CSS text that you need to copy and paste into the text box:-

    body {



    background-position:center center!important;