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  • TitleNaturist Clubs Australia
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    Australian Naturist information.
    Below are 5 links, that are not a venues or clubs.
    The Australian Naturist Federation, the official site and it's support club.
    Free Beaches link, listing legally appointed beaches and "known" beaches. Although not legal, the authorities generally don't go to the "known" beaches unless a complaint has been made. 99% of time, they simply ask you to dress. If you do not comply, you run the risk of being arrested.
    Australia has 2 naturist magazines.


    ANF - Australian Naturist Federation


    ANF Supporter Club

    The Supporter Club, where you can obtain your INF stamp/sticker for your naturist passport (if you don't belong to a club to obtain one through).


    FBA - Free Beaches Australia Inc

    Nudist Lobby Organisation that p

    rovides information about nudist beaches around Australia.


    TAN - The Australian Naturist
    Magazine owner/editor Les, quite often uses models for the cover page & inside cover, however the articles are written by & photos taken by genuine nudists.


    AS&H - Australian Sun and Health
    Magazine owner/editor Sarah, is known to use material by genuine nudists.