Naturism and self defense

Naturism as self-defence.

In 2011 I was sailing a very beaten up schooner called “Gloria” around the Caribbean islands that make up the Grenadines. This schooner I had bought with almost the last of my money for £1500. One thing led to another and having little work but plenty of time myself and some friends sailed Gloria across the Atlantic. We had many adventures, not least was the oil pressure on the engine going AWOL. But finally we did fetch up in St Lucia. There my lady friend Helen re-joined us and one of the crew left.

Our next stop was the island of Bequia, the pilot book warned that the holding for the anchor in the main bay was not very good and to be careful of yachts dragging their anchors. We came in during a gale force squall, complete with horizontal rain (warm), without an engine the manoeuvre was a trifle challenging. However we did not hit anything and came to rest in a reasonably sheltered spot. Myself and friend Edmund donned snorkels and masks   and dived to check said anchor, it was not dug in very well at all, so I piled some rocks on it. Then after surfacing we put another anchor out to make sure. The problem was that the sea bed was not very deep sand over coral, and the anchor was having trouble biting.

A few nights later during another squall I had my slumber disturbed by the unmistakable sound of twin diesels going hard astern, on emerging from my bunk and running topsides I saw a large catamaran very close to our bow taking evasive action. He had obviously dragged his anchor and just managed to miss us and retrieve his gear before going off to  try again someplace else.

This scenario was rein acted several times over our stay in the various Islands. We did not drag, with no engine we could not afford to, so we put down lots of chain and an additional anchor at each stop. However, after we got hit by two yachts one night at the same time, I resolved to find a solution to this problem. You dear fellow naturists will like the answer I found to this problem.

The group of yacht uses we had most trouble with were the ones who charter their yachts, some of these people have not had a lot of experience in Anchoring, and there is quite a lot of technology to what on the surface appears a simple manoeuvre. These people, tend not to have spent large amount of time in close proximity to other people as in a small yacht environment. These people are the kind that have not come face to face with bare human bodies except in certain situations. In fact I discovered that if I appeared naked in the cockpit while I read a book and waved to the newly arriving charter yachts of an evening, they would go right over to the other side of the bay, “hey presto” problem sorted!  




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